Consciousness – The lighthouse at the edge of the ocean

What is the mind’s eye?

What is consciousness?

Fire that starts with a spark and gathers momentum as the timber burns?

Water springing from the ground, running to a river that flows to the ocean?

Space? We look out at the stars and imagine how they run on forever.

The seat of the soul.

In the brain?

Reading books on mind, brain and matter, pondering ‘the depths’ with writers, philosophers and neurologists.

What is it that makes me, you and us?

Is there a switch that gets turned on and off? Does it all go dark when the lights go out? Who, why or what turns the lights back on again?

What lies beneath?

The subconscious is an amazing beast

Like a rare species it hides from you when you go to look for it, and rises up to bite you in the bum when you least expect it.

Dreams that alert us to areas of life that need attention.

Bodies that record without us realising.

A computer or a quantum force? How are we alive?

Is it the third eye? Is it the  Shen? Is it God, biology or physics?

Is it all of these things?

I am alive (Thanks Mum and Dad!)

Our bodies can create new life, new consciousness.


I only hope that I never cease to wonder at how this can be.

When I stop to think that it really is a miracle that I am here at all.

How I hope that when it all stops I have thought, felt and been present for as much of the time as I am alive.

We are here for just a drop in the ocean of time, it would be a sad to miss a single moment.