Guest Post – Autism And Epilepsy Combined

I would like to thank epilepsy action advocate once again for taking the time to write a guest post.

This month epilepsy me and neurology  has asked me to write a brief (or not-so brief) piece on what it’s like to live with both epilepsy and autism; I shall endeavour to do my best. Continue reading

Advice call after epilepsy drug Epilim study – Epilepsy Care In Wales BBC News

In the wake of the withdrawal of legal aid in the ‘Families who were pursuing a legal case against the makers of an epilepsy drug have dropped their action because legal aid was withdrawn’ BBC News January 20th 2011 London reporting on Pregnant women ‘unaware’ of epilepsy drug risks 25th February 2013, BBC Wales are now reporting:

“Campaigner Nicole Crosby-McKenna, from Epilepsy Action, wants the Welsh government to review the way information is conveyed to pregnant patients in Wales.

She said: “We would like to know, if they haven’t got access to an epilepsy specialist nurse, who is giving the women that information? Are the GPs passing the information on to women? And also, do the GPs have enough specialist knowledge to accurately give them pre-conception counselling?”

See BBC news links for full details.

Epilepsy Options Beyond Medication – Epilepsy Action Events 2013

Options Beyond Medication – Epilepsy Action Events 2013

Follow the link to find events in the UK hosted by Epilepsy Action that will be held in London, Llandudno, Birmingham, Bristol and Sheffield next year.

Sessions will include –

Epilepsy and medication to control seizures

Surgery for epilepsy

Vagus nerve stimulation (VNS)

Ketogenic diet as a treatment for children with epilepsy

Complementary Therapies

Personal experience of using VNS

It’s good to have options!