About Epilepsy Me and Neurology

I have been living with a challenging life long health condition since I was 12 and have often felt quite alone in how to manage the problems it has caused throughout the years. There have been times when I have wondered what life would have been like not to have seizures.

I wouldn’t be the me I am today without the experiences I have had. I like who I am today and so l in my old age I am philosophical  that this has happened for a reason. It has been a long learning curve I wanted to share the knowledge and ideas I have in relation to epilepsy,neurology, in particular idiopathic epilepsy (where there is no cause found). it is most likely that in my case it is genetic. This means I’m a mutant (my friends would defiantly agree).

 On a happy note so were Einstein and Julius Cesar… in fact so numerous are we that Wikipedia has helpfully provided a list


So you see we are in good company!

It has been my personal holy grail to find out why I have this interesting relationship with bioelectricity and my neurons. I wanted to share with others my thoughts and strategies for condition management relating to  the often much misunderstood health problem commonly known as epilepsy.

 Some people mistakenly think epilepsy is a mental health problem, others a learning disability. I find it helpful to think of it as a neurological disorder.Epilepsy action make it more broad than that:


If you are a health care professional, researcher, scientist, family member, friend to a person with epilepsy or person with an interest I hope you find this useful.

If you have epilepsy two I hope that this helps.

Disability is all in the mind, you can do anything you set your mind to don’t let anybody else disable you.

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27 comments on “About Epilepsy Me and Neurology

    • hi! thank you Phylis! I hadn’t found that post!I am also still getting used to using my blog so i think i just replied to myself instead of you! I just want to say that i read your blogs as they come up with great intereast and think you are doing a great job of educating us with your personal insight.

  1. thank you Phylis I hadn’t found that post ! Its realy interereasting how many people there are or have been with epilepsy!

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  3. Good luck with keeping your site alive – I’m sure you will, but the education side of it is so valuable to the STIGMA of others!

    Idiopathic epilepsy – i’d never heard of that, I have mild epilepsy as a result to a fractured skull, but my last seizure was a long time ago now. My heart goes out to anyone going through what ever comes close to what I went through! All those neurologists!

    Keep it up!

    • hi! thank you for your support and comments. I have been a bit frazzled in the last month so am not blogging as much because the computer is frying my brain (too much electric light box!). I enjoy seeing the wood creations you are turning out 🙂 I am a lot better if i do hands on stuff (hence moving around a lot to stay well). I was sorry to read about the circumstances of your head injury, I am glad you arent’ having seizures so much as they can get in the way! keep up the good woodwork and thank you! 🙂

  4. You are more than welcome – I work obviously in the workshop and spend less time of the Macintosh these days too. I swim a mile every morning (6am) and enjoy gardening – I think they all help calm the brain matter! Keep the worrying thoughts at bay!
    Mind you I did live in Cornwall for the last 4 years and lots of fresh air helped the most!

    • 🙂 I can imagine liviing in Cornwall having that effect, although personally if I lived there I would probably put on weight due to a bountiful supply of clotted cream and ice cream!

  5. Thank you for enjoying my post on Disney friendships. Friends are so wonderful if they are simple, easy to be with and of course a load of fun as well as someone you can hug when they need that.
    I pray you are doing as well as possible.

  6. HI Ruth
    I know I commented before. But I just wanted to add that you are obviously in good historical company with Einstein and Julius Caeser! I am so proud of how you are turning this illness into a shining example of what one can do when they set their mind to it.
    Your sister

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  8. Hello.I was researching something for a friend when I noticed that I was in one of your articles about complimentary medicine and the treatment of epilepsy- thank you! I just thought you would like to know that I am still seizure free, my migraines have completely stopped and I still feel great! Emma xx

    • Hi Emma! It is really great to hear from you and I am so glad that you are well. It is wonderful to know that as I am still trying to sort out mine, but Acupuncture is proving very good for me so I am keeping my fingers crossed. Thank you for sharing your experiences in the article as you have really helped me and others I am sure! Ruth xx

    • Hello Emma, I just found this awesome blog site and read your comment. My daughter is 43 and has had seizures (diagnose with epilepsy) since she was age 7. I’m going to the place on Google where it shares about complimentary medicine and the treatment of epilepsy. Once there maybe I’ll read what helped you. I’m very happy for you remaining seizure free! Shannon, my daughter, is on so many medications. At present I’m trying to jump thru all the hoops to see if she can try the type of cannabis that helps seizures in children. By hoops I mean the red-tape of the group home she lives in. She lived at home for 22 years and long ago I should have become her guardian. I’m continuing to research.
      Thanks for your share and all the others here!

  9. A great and inspiring article! Many thanks. I too believed in spirit than medicines and surgery advised. But I am yet to reprogram my brain completely though I am seeing results with balancing of emotions and meditation.

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