Young Epilepsy and Epilepsy Action ‘My Journal’ Epilepsy Educators

Some time ago I was very pleased to read this post in epilepsy action about epilepsy in a rural community.

Around the same time I also read about Olivia and her experience of absence seizures. Here are the details for your information.

Hats off to Olivia Solvati fronting the Young Epilepsy campaign to raise awareness in Educators about the symptoms of Epilepsy. More great work being done by the BBC reporting and raising awareness and education.

Olivia talks about her experience of absence seizures which can be particularly hard to spot and very disruptive to eduction if they aren’t recognised.

See the link here for full article ‘Epilepsy: ‘I’m not daydreaming Miss, I’m having a seizure’

Also, was very happy to see Epilepsy Action published ‘My journal’ written by Christena writing about what it is like to live with epilepsy in a rural area. Christena is passionate about supporting people with epilepsy and educating about what it is. She writes about her experience and research as well as her role in the local Epilepsy Action group in this article.

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