Wellness Warrior meets Wellness Warrior – Jess Ainscough interviews Lissa Rankin


Two of my favourite wellness warriors get together to discuss Lissa Rankin’s new book ‘Mind over Medicine’.

Both of these ladies are very much on my page when it comes to health.

This interview is well worth listening to.

Important points raised during the interview are;
What does your body need to heal? What prescription does your body need you to prescribe for yourself? What would you do if you could do anything you wanted, to make yourself better?

– Leave your abusive relationship?
– Leave your horrible job?
– Go to college?
– Move countries?
– Get married?
– Do something you always wanted to do?
– Get a new job with a better employer? 🙂

Lissa’s idea about letting the patient write the prescription for themselves is really liberating.

In the context of epilepsy research I think it is relevant to the epilepsy research project what treatment would you prefer?:



Nobody is the same, so everyone will need different treatment.

Healing is not neceserraly curing.

The moral of the story – Turn off your stress response, it could save your life.

I love epigenetics!

2 comments on “Wellness Warrior meets Wellness Warrior – Jess Ainscough interviews Lissa Rankin

  1. You know. I have found that the simplist of remedies are the ones people tend to not give a second look at. I am not sure if it is simply unbelief. But the message here is absolutely true! I have and of recent am doing just this thing. And I gauged the results and found what is the remedy I must have.
    And am working towards that goal now. Very good ideas here

    • hi! so happy that you have been able to break free and do what is right for you! your spirit is strong and i know you will thrive on what is right for your heart and soul. lots of love to you Yusraela keep on thriving x

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