‘Where’s your job you scrounger?’

I filled in all my forms,

The ones that said disabled,

The ones that said I’m worn.


I feel fatigue and lethargy from trailing JCP,

The department that plays ‘Vivaldi’ constantly at me.

I phoned up nearly thrice per day to say that I’m still ill,

The cancer in society wants me to foot the bill.


My debt to the economy,

The banks and to the lenders,

One more stat on the balance of

Parliamentary spenders.


Does it matter that I’m broken,

That is all you see?

What employer do you really think,

Will want to employ me?


I tried the Big Society

I tried to volunteer,

‘Sorry love but we don’t want

Your sort round ‘ere.’


Out of work and out of place,

Not the first time it’s been bad

You can’t miss the things you dreamed of

The things you never had.


Take pills for all these ills,

So that I can numb the pain,

That society doesn’t want me

That I may never work again.


Give them the satisfaction

Of driving me to drink

Another excuse for the recession

Tea totalling on the brink.


Do you know who I am?

Do you even care?

Not really, Not in the slightest,

The books are balanced so it’s fair.


Loss of consciousness is infectious

Computer says no! ATOS Who?

See I said it was infectious

The computers got it two!


Big Society, I know you’re out there

And that Cameron thinks your ace

But, would you know equality

If it smacked you in the face?


11 comments on “BIG EQUALITY

  1. Brilliant poem but very sad. I don’t feel like I belong in society a lot of times but am holding out hope I’ll find a job I can be okay with. It’s a crappy economy even for “normal” people. So I guess if you have a disability of any kind it’s that much harder. But I don’t like it 😦

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