Get Plugged Into Earth – Thanks Anne!

Thanks to my chi-gung  teacher for sending this link to aBBC radio barefoot walk and talk about the benefits of barefoot walking.

How to be more grounded with these steps :

Take of your shoes and socks, walk on the ground outside, OBSERVE how you feel when your feet are on the ground!

Simple, and free!

We live on a big round  Earth! 🙂

2 comments on “Get Plugged Into Earth – Thanks Anne!

  1. I am a strong supporter of “earthing” which is what you write about in this post. There have been numerous scientific studies and books written on the subject which all point to the benefits of connecting barefoot with the earth and the effect of grounding that it provides.Keep on going.

    • i am with you all the way on this one! its definatly got a lot of free energy coming up through the ground! thanks for your support!

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