Art House Meath Epilepsy Charity Blog

My sister found this wonderful charity blog which is a charity that specialise in making, selling and celebrating the art work of people with with learning difficulties and severe epilepsy.

There are prints and giftcards for sale at the links provided at the blogspot address link above.

Arthouse Meath


6 comments on “Art House Meath Epilepsy Charity Blog

  1. H, I’ve submitted my guest post for you. You’ll find it under “posts – all” in your dashboard waiting for approval. I thought I’d begin with a brief history and take it from there in the next guest blog. Thanks for having me! 🙂

    • hi Ben! loved your art house and blog! I am not able to write on your wall though, i don’t know about wp and blogspot compatibility. The art is Great! 🙂

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