I found this blog on autism by ahmrita natrual health really interesting and there is a great link to about the neurodiversity movement.

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Thank you to Reflections on life thus far, for this response! http://reflectionsonlifethusfar.wordpress.com/

I am hoping to enlarge on this with some back up from a webinar I have seen this week and also an article about early behavioural interventions, which I am still reading.

I don’t believe Autism Spectrum Disorders are mental illnesses; rather, they are neurobiological disorders. They are a neurological difference instead of a sickness. Treating it as a mental illness makes it seem like the person with it is ‘not quite right’. True, some may have struggles and need coping skills taught to them for their particular challenges but I would certainly not deem them mentally ill. Autism is part of the person and makes them who they are.

It is a similar thing with dyslexia and ADHD. Although these conditions can make the person’s life difficult it’s better to find coping strategies. Many people simply…

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