Anthony Clavien’s Alternative Therapies Worth Trying

intereasting thoughts on the value of combining alternative medicine with western medicine to optimise healing in an integrative way.

Anthony Clavien

hypnotherapy Anthony Clavien VeritasA new trend in Western medicine, including top medical schools like Harvard, is using the power of ancient cures.  Ok, maybe your doctor won’t ask you to do bee sting therapy or psychic surgery, but there are a few modalities in the alternative medicine field they may start to consider. The change of heart may stem from the fact that Western studies are now being done on these ancient practices, and the research is proving just how effective they can be!

This is not to say that one should quit going to their doctor, typically many of these therapies work best when mixed with traditional medical care.  In fact, informing your doctor of anything you are doing outside of their care is important, in order to ensure that problems don’t arise from potential contraindications.  “The future of medicine is integrative,” says Dr. Woodson Merrell, chair of the department of…

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