At One With Flu – when it’s not a good idea to put up a fight

I have now been in bed for over a week.

I am a little bit put out.

Viruses trigger more seizures and I spent my first 3 days twitching.

It has taken me nearly a week to come to terms with the fact that something smaller than I can see, probably only made up of protein/ amino acids has hijacked my immune system and busily replicating its way through my cells.

I feel violated.

Unfortunately it seems that trying to ‘do’ something about it is the last thing that I should be doing.

This time it looks like I will have to stay in bed for another few days until my body has finally ‘slept’ it off.

Trying to feel inner peace for my flu virus is actually quite a strain, my liver is clearly having a field day.

I’m off to try to mediate on compassion (and do lying chi gung).

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