Epilepsy – Advanced Hedgehog Pose

so, I may have discovered breathing, but it is hard to change when one continues to breathe holding the same old posture.

Advanced Hedgehog Pose.

Sogyal Rinpoche has interesting things to say about breathing, posture and meditation in ‘The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying’.

Page 66 in relation to meditation he says ‘ In the Dzogchen teachings it is said that your view and your posture should be like a mountain.’

No mention of small spiky mammle’s.

One of my older and much wiser friends told me that her yoga teacher had started concentrating heavily on breathing following a back injury. She cheerfully told me that breathe work is preparation for dying!

I’m not dead yet and breathing is actually pretty important in order to stay that way!

Can one sustain advanced hedgehog pose indefinatly?

The problem with this pose is like all asana’s it takes a great deal of time and practice to perfect.

Years  of training lead to the behavioural and postural patterns of the advanced hedgehog. The curl reflex required for advanced hedgehog is instinctive and ultimately like all fight/ flight instincts it is there for a reason – initially it is useful in some situations.

Additionally, all my muscles contract terribly during seizures so if my back looks a bit curvy there are good nurological reasons!

But, for how long would it be possible to retreat into advanced hedgehog before being hit by the proverbial ‘car’?

As it turns out it wasn’t necessary to wait long to find out.

Curling up into a ball hoping that life won’t happen if you don’t grab it by the balls is unfortunately not a good coping strategy.

And so, major life events continue to happen regardless of whether you are ready for them or not.

There are a number of events that are difficult to manage when you don’t suffer from a long-term health condition. It was really terribly bad luck to have to face more than one of them all at once.

When I was a child I did not sit down and plan for bad things to happen.At school they like to encourage you to aspire to a career or vocation. It is such a pity they don’t actually prepare you for anything more than examinations in mathematics. As far as games go the gods had defiantly sent me down a snake rather than up a ladder.

Shit happens that’s life.

So, what kind of help is there out there to recovering advanced hedgehog?

I had to relocate. Health wise a higher level of care was needed so I returned to family. In terms of recovery this has plus and minus points. Returning to the source of life long habitual patterns may not always be a healthy thing. From the point of view of care, a hedgehog can be ‘smothered by love’.

In order to continue exercising, I went to look for another ashtanga class. But, before I could find one, I  walked into another kind of moving mediation class.

The teacher was pink and purple and red and yellow all over. He is the most brightly coloured individual I have ever met. Not only a study in all colours of  clothing ( like a Judy Garland song), the future of hedgehog rehab had never looked so ‘bright’.

I had walked into a Tai Chi class.


1)http://www.rigpa.org/about-sogyal-rinpoche.html information about sogyal rinpoche

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